Best FD Rates offered in 2021

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Fixed deposit (FD) is an extremely popular and safe avenue of investment and savings offered by large banks, NBFCs, small finance banks, and post offices. They offer guaranteed returns to investors who have no risk-taking capacities. For this reason, they are popular among homemakers, senior citizens, and virtually anyone seeking a safe investment opportunity. In fact, FDs are used by investors to diversify their portfolios when faced with volatility and uncertainty.

The fixed deposit rates differ across banks and NBFCs but are informed by the prevailing Fixed Deposit interest rate. These rates keep changing, and the total amount received on maturity depends on the payout opted for by the investor. Here’s a look at some of the best FD interest rates in 2021—

Bank Interest rate Tenure
Bajaj Finance 6.5% 3 – 5 years
Muthoot Capital 8% 5 years
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank 7% 1-2 years
Suryodaya Small Finance Bank 6.75% More than 3 years and less than 5 years
Jana Bank 6.75% 3 years and 1 day to 5 years
SBM Bank 6.5% 1 year to 1.1 year
RBL Bank 6.5% 5 years
Yes Bank 6.5% 5 – 10 years
DCB Bank 6.5% 3-10 years
Indusland Bank 6.5% 1-5 years


As per the current trends, it seems that small finance banks are offering better FD rates than large ones. Although most investors prefer to open a fixed deposit with larger banks, they must remember that small finance banks are also trustworthy investments.


The fixed deposit interest rates offered by banks and other companies tend to keep shifting. A serious investor should, therefore, look out for these alterations from time to time to make the best decision. Through FD Calculator, investors can carefully plan investment and can enjoy assured returns, attractive maturity amounts because of compound interest, and risk-free investment.

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